Descriptive Text ( My bedroom )

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my comfortable place (my bedroom)

Have you some place which make you won’t to leave it?

I sure that you all have it, that like me and it’s my bedroom.

Let me describe it.

My bedroom is painted with sweety colour of the wall, light blue and there is wallpaper tulip flower design on it.

It’s have middle size, not smallest and not largest.

There are spring bed,cupboard with two doors,desk,computer, large window with a brown nice curtain.

The bed is positioned beside the cupboard and desk but not a same line,

and in front of bed there is computer with printer and speaker.

There are many dolls on my bed, such as teddy bear,panda,hello kity,angry bird,etc.

But there isn’t large mirror, in there i only have a small fold mirror because every night I’m afraid if see the mirror.

I always do my homework, my task in my bedroom, I usually lock the door so that nobody disturb me.

There I feel very comfort every sleep because the soft blanket and seprei make me won’t leave my bed and want spend my full time there.

I love my bedroom so much and so much ❤


Task Narrative Text

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Cry Little Boy

One day, there was a boy cried in the his room, his name is John.
Nobody known what the matter, when he asked for help , his mother came and asked to his, why was he cry? and then he answered that he lost much money in his pocket.
His mother was confused because she never given him much money, from who that money?
Immadiatelly his mother asked him more detail about that money, and he explained to her that he had 
been met his favorite actor  “Spiderman” and he was given much money, but while he found it in his pocket there wasn’t anything there.
Finally his mother understood that her son only dreame in his day slept.
Her mother told him that it only dream and persuadeso that him not cry again,
“Oh baby, don’t cry again! I will buy a delicious ice cream for you, okey” said her mother.
And finally he stopped his cry and was smile to her mother :* .

Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

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Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

Owh…Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

This story about my funny,happy, and afraid experience alike nano-nano candy.
began on about 2 years ago when I still at senior high school.
One day I went to the warnet with  my friend, we sat in different place(links).
I browsed google,facebook,and other about 2 hours, when I would finish suddenly I saw money on the computer Rp. 5.000,- , wwaaww it’s a good time because on that moment my money was limited and I found the other money, I felt some feel alike nano-nano candy. Took it or no? I was very confused, but finally I took it because I  was being needed it, hehehe I’m sorry had been taken something which not mine.
I was happy but in other side I was afraid if the people who has that money back again and asked me to given back again, maybe I was so embarrased. This was funny story if I remember it. 😀

My Identity

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Hello everybody,
Let me introduce my self, my fullname is Mahromul Fadlillah and people usually call me GOMUL, it’s a unique name said my friends (y) wkwkwkwk 😀
hmmm I more like if you call me Capyong, this is a acronym of “Cah Dompyong”  but it alike korean language , it’s right?
I was Born in Cirebon June 15th 1994, and live at Wanasari street number 01 RT.02 RW 03 , Dompyong-Gebang-Cirebon.
My hobbies are watching k-movie, reading colourfull book with good picture in it and cooking with my mom :*
I interest to learn about language , such as Hangeul and English. 
My wishes for the future are become a succesful person in educational world, become unique and proffesional English teacher with my independent style, and for now I wish I can study better than before.
I graduated from SMAN 1 Babakan.
Now I’m a student in IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon in English Departement, I choose english because now English is international language and I wanna go International,Insya Allah :).
“Life is Never Flat” is my life motto, althoughI took it from an advertisement.

I think that’s all of my introduce , to know me more please add my fb: mahromul fadlillah & twitter: @mahromul thank’s a lot :).

Hello world!

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