Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

Posted: 14 September 2012 in Uncategorized

Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

Owh…Feel Alike Nano-Nano Candy

This story about my funny,happy, and afraid experience alike nano-nano candy.
began on about 2 years ago when I still at senior high school.
One day I went to the warnet with  my friend, we sat in different place(links).
I browsed google,facebook,and other about 2 hours, when I would finish suddenly I saw money on the computer Rp. 5.000,- , wwaaww it’s a good time because on that moment my money was limited and I found the other money, I felt some feel alike nano-nano candy. Took it or no? I was very confused, but finally I took it because I  was being needed it, hehehe I’m sorry had been taken something which not mine.
I was happy but in other side I was afraid if the people who has that money back again and asked me to given back again, maybe I was so embarrased. This was funny story if I remember it. 😀

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