Task Narrative Text

Posted: 14 September 2012 in Uncategorized

Cry Little Boy

One day, there was a boy cried in the his room, his name is John.
Nobody known what the matter, when he asked for help , his mother came and asked to his, why was he cry? and then he answered that he lost much money in his pocket.
His mother was confused because she never given him much money, from who that money?
Immadiatelly his mother asked him more detail about that money, and he explained to her that he had 
been met his favorite actor  “Spiderman” and he was given much money, but while he found it in his pocket there wasn’t anything there.
Finally his mother understood that her son only dreame in his day slept.
Her mother told him that it only dream and persuadeso that him not cry again,
“Oh baby, don’t cry again! I will buy a delicious ice cream for you, okey” said her mother.
And finally he stopped his cry and was smile to her mother :* .

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